Every wondered how the hair styling professionals do it? This is where you find out!

Learn how to style your hair according to the latest trends or more classic hairstyles. From getting glossy, red-carpet-worthy waves to mastering the art of the messy braid, this is where you can learn how the experts achieve the perfect hairstyle.

Did you know, for example, that you don’t need to use hair curlers to get tousled beach waves? Or that the type of brush you use can determine the shape of your curls? You’ll even learn how to tame the most rebellious frizzy hair into sleek and shiny locks. Curious about crimping, or wet look hair? It’s all here, in simple and straightforward explanations for everyone to have a go.

Hair Styling

  • Brunette short bob: This short bob, or long pixie, is one of the smartest looks you can get. It has a fashionable asymmetric.
  • Chic silver: For fine hair that tends to fall flat on top, a few tousled waves can be the best way to add flattering height.
  • Slicked Back: Shaved sections are totally mainstream these days and add an edgy, modern touch to any short hairstyle.
  • Clean Lines Pixie: Here’s a pixie cut with lovely simplicity, you can achieve on any hair type. It has trendy, long side-points.
  • Beige Roots Neutral: For a fashion-conscious woman, this short hairstyle has lots of zingy style features.
  • Pretty Blonde Pixie: Switch from your usual side-part, to this amazing short haircut with fab, textured strands creating
  • Deep Bangs On Beige: When you have skin art, you do need to consider a hairstyle that complements the ink colour and tattoo
  • Fab Long-To-Short: The long haircut emphasizes a triangular, heart-shaped face by leaving a wide forehead bare.
  • Quirky Dusty Pink: These dulled-down, ashy shades of pink are beautifully blended with ash-copper-blonde, to produce a chic, new hair colour.