Attention, attention!

All you curly haired ladies out there, listen up. Because I’ve got some news for you that will change your life. News that will make maintaining your curls so much easier. News that will make your appointment at the hairdresser’s that much less stressful. Are you ready? Okay, here goes.

The best haircut to sport to maximize the definition of your curls is a layered cut. The gradually increasing lengths of different sections of your hair allow your curls to bounce around in their full glory, making them look exactly the way you dreamed of.

Curly Layered Haircuts And Face Shapes

There are a bunch of ways you can go when styling your layered haircut, all of which depend on your face shape. I know, I know, this whole face shape concept may seem elusive to a majority of you. So, to make your life easier (because I’m nice like that) I have done my research and found the best curly layered haircut you can sport based on the shape of your face. You’re welcome.


Keeping the perming tradition alive!

The fact, a perm might actually be the secret to attaining those elusive supermodel waves with little to no effort, is the reason we are keeping the trend alive. It’s super easy to style a perm but it does involve re-education. Dig out the diffuser for your hairdryer, use your fingers instead of a hairbrush and gently scrunch the hair dry. Or simply let it air dry after applying some serum.


If you fancy trying something different, then why not give a perm a try?!

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